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Shadowhunters as Aurors

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So, I’ll be scrapping Enrique Ibanez (my HoO character) and replacing him with a new HoO OC (who I may like a bit more)

Her name is Yuri Long. She’s a daughter of Bellona. 17 years old. Pansexual.

I like her a lot :)

And her FC is Arden Cho

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if they had a kid - gabriel/veta & jeremy/teale!!!

i like them :D sorry it took so long



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kid meme - Yang x Vesper (but like in the context that she can have children)!
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Jasper and Laz? :D


  • Name: Castel Amor Penroza- Salvador 
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: Short, messy black hair from her father with Lazuli’s grey eyes. She is very short, wears glasses, has a curvy figure, a beauty spot at the back of her neck and slightly hooded eyes.
  • Personality: She is super laid back and kind of lazy like Jasper but is also intelligent (but doesn’t apply it which irks Lazuli). She’s great at playing music but isn’t that great at science. Often seen humming to herself or whistling.
  • Special Talents: Legacy of Demeter and Apollo, with a stronger leaning towards Apollo
  • Who they like better: Jasper
  • Who they take after more: Lazuli (appearance wise)
  • Personal Head canon: she occasionally does bring home a stellar report card which mystifies Lazuli but it makes Jasper so proud. Also, after long days, she and Jasper sing soothing songs together while Lazuli listens.


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"Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under't."

→ Nasstassja Fairwynd

"Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under't."
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# nasstassja fairwynd# to partner gabriel's# i love how his is dark with greens and browns while hers is just really light with pinks and blues# also her familiar symbol is a triskele but i chose a rose for her because for some strange reason i keep associating her with that# specifically a rose with thornes# idek anymore# moodboard# mine# my stuff# also nass's fc is nina dobrev# yeah...?# requests for stuff like this are open ^^

Nikos and Bea!

I like him ;)


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Vesper, and Mikee


  1. Vesper and Yang (of course!)
  2. Vesper and Raj? (tbh i haven’t really thought about it)


  1. Mikee and Zarah (they’re bros but they can be cute together..?)
  2. Mikee and himself (I’m sorry)
  3. Mikee and Drew! (it was on my mind)
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for the "if they had a kid" meme- Jasper/Ivy and Roman/Nikos :D



Name: Rowan Salvador
Gender: Male
General Appearance:Biracial, blue eyes like his father’s. his skin is quite dark like his mother’s, and he grows his hair out into an afro. fairly tall and lanky, though he has his father’s broad shoulders!
Personality: fun-loving, reckless, he’s also quite the rebel. talks back to superiors, procrastinates, and spends a lot of time making vines
Special Talents:Legacy of Apollo and Thalia
Who They Like Better:Ivy
Who They Take After More: Ivy 
Personal Headcanon:
When he’s older, he does a double act with Ivy in her stand-up routine. Jasper can’t attend these shows because he will literally pee himself laughing


Name: Mason ‘Brick’ Caldwell-Karahalios
Gender: Male
General Appearance: Straight dark hair that falls in his eyes, bright green eyes like his father. Short. He’s unfortunately short.
Personality: Short-tempered, quiet, reclusive, anxious, introverted
Special Talents: Gift of Bastet
Who They Like Better: Nikos
Who They Take After More: Roman
Personal Headcanon: Nikos was the one to start calling his son Brick and Roman hates the nickname, but it sticks. Brick also has ADHD and high anxiety, and his claws come out when he has an anxiety attack which means kindergarten was rough


Brick sounds uber interesting and yes to exploring him more!

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Original Characters: Name+Meanings (3/?)

The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices edition

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