Phoebe (Schmidt)—> Huntress of Artemis; mortal

  • 16 year old German
  • Can see through the mist
  • Joined the Hunters during World War II
  • Is easily angered and very violent; doesn’t play well with boys and doesn’t trust them either; can get a bit secretive and defensive of herself, her background, and ego/pride; is responsible and practical; serious type
  • Her father died during the war and her step-mother ran off with another man-Phoebe joined the Hunters because they made her feel safe and loved in those trying times
  • The best tracker and healer among the Hunters
  • FC: Isabelle Fuhrman

Not an original character. Just a weird headcanon.This is just me building on RR’s character, Phoebe. I wanted to give her more stuff-like idk a background and last name? Crackshipping her with Sabel because lolz. Is that allowed?

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